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Dr. Hemstreet is retiring on May 25. We'd like to congratulate him and wish him all the best!

Meet Our Veterinarians

Our team of exceptional vets at LakeCross Veterinary Hospital are committed to the care and health of pets in Huntersville and the Mecklenburg County.

Dr. Tom Hemstreet

Dr. Hemstreet provides comprehensive veterinary care, and takes a special interest in feline thyroid disease.

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Dr. Lauren Kappers

Dr. Lauren Kappers loves working with her furry patients, and has a keen interest in dermatological conditions in pets.

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Dr. Kari Hyatt

Dr. Kari Hyatt is a dedicated vet who has been lovingly caring for her furry patients since 2005.

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Dr. Alexa Radley #1

Dr. Alexa Radley

Dr. Alexa Radley has a particular interest in veterinary ultrasound, surgery and feline medicine.

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