Massage Therapy

Just like in humans, massage techniques can be used in cats and dogs to improve wellbeing and reduce pain. At our Huntersville veterinary hospital, we provide massage therapy services for our patients.

Massage Therapy for Cats & Dogs

Contraction of the muscles leads to decreased blood and oxygen flow, thus decreases waste removal from the area and increasing endorphin release.

Massage involves stroking and/or kneading along the length of the muscle to increase blood flow, decrease tension, and prevent and/or break up adhesions. 

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Massage Therapy, Huntersville Vet

The Process

We will first fully examine your pet to assess their condition and unique needs. This involves identifying injuries, any chronic pain, and range of motion.

Massage techniques will be used to reduce swelling and inflammation and increase circulation and blood flow which can help to reduce your pet's pain as well.

Your vet may also recommend other forms of rehabilitative care, such as cold laser therapy, thermotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, or spinal manipulation, to speed your pet's recovery.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage can be used in post-surgical patients to diminish congestion and prevent adhesions, in neurological patients to improve muscle tone, and to accelerate muscle recovery.

Massage increases circulation and stimulates nerves both in the area it is applied, and also internally in associated organs.

When implemented as a component of a comprehensive treatment plan, massage therapy can help to speed healing from injuries.

Massage therapy can also help increase mobility and decrease pain in animals with chronic injuries, improving their overall health and wellbeing.

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