Behavior Training

LakeCross Veterinary Hospital offers puppy and dog training classes to help owners in training their new pet or to assist with new issues a pet develops.

Dog Behavior Training at LakeCross Veterinary Hospital

Dogs are sharing our lives more closely than ever before. Training dogs not only makes living with them easier and more enjoyable, it can also help keep them safe and under your control.

We offer dog training and behvior classes to help dogs of all ages learn to be happier, more successful members of their families and communities.

Get Started with Training

Behavior Training, Huntersville Vet

Why train your dog?

Professional training for dogs has a variety of benefits for both the dog and the owner.

Dogs learn how to interact properly with humans and other dogs and how to behave in different types of social situations. This helps them establish healthier relationships with their human and canine friends, and live happier lives.

A well trained dog is more pleasant to interact with, and as the owner of a well trained and well behaved dog, you can trust your pet to stay under your control in a variety of situations. This in turn reduces stress for you, and keeps your dog safer, too.

How does training keep dogs safe?

Even well trained dogs bolt when scared.

However, if your dog has good recall and knows key commands, it could help prevent them from running out in front of a car, racing out the door during a thunderstorm or running away during an evacuation.

Understanding 'come', 'stay' and 'wait' are essential for your dog's safety and wellbeing.

Training Levels

Puppy Training
10 weeks - 5 months

Puppy training teaches puppies and people how to communicate. It involves learning basic skills for dogs like how to come when called and good leash manners.

Beginner Training
5 months +

Beginner training is for adult dogs with little or no previous training. Your dog will learn basic manners and impulse control with the help of relationship building exercises.

Intermediate Training
5 months +

Intermediate training helps dogs with basic training achieve the same results in situations with additional distractions and distance, and teaches new commands like 'heel' and 'lie down.'

Advanced Training
5 months +

Advanced training expands on your dog’s previous training for more consistent and reliable responses. 

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